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Solve combines advanced business intelligence and custom development processes to build solutions that integrating everything from shop floor, supply chain to sales and distribution data that ultimately provides insight into your all aspects of your manufacturing environment which allows you to make data-driven decisions that improve productivity, enable efficiency and increase profitability.

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Solve has a long history of providing successful solutions within the Food Production & Services industry. Our embedded, predictive and self-service solutions maximize your ability to perform analysis – and give you the information you need to accurately anticipate demand, effectively manage production and discover and drive cost efficiencies across the value chain.

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Every action taken by a provider, payer, administrator or patient creates data. Our healthcare analytics solutions provide a comprehensive view of financial, business and clinical operations. These solutions can help improve patient care and outcomes, streamline processes, uncover inefficiencies, improve patient satisfaction and more.



The vast amount of data generated within the Insurance industry can be daunting. Solves delivers Business Intelligence solutions that harnesses that data and builds analytics dashboards and reports that enable our clients to gain valuable insight into their business.

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Solve’s expertise in helping companies in the Consumer Goods sector has been evident in the results our clients have gained by engaging us to harness their vast amounts of data and build analytics solutions allowing them to have one version of the truth and see their business metrics from multiple perspectives and enabling the business to quickly respond to everything from trends to supply chain challenges.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics plays a significant role in impacting the success of retail and ecommerce companies.  Solves has provided expertise that have greatly improved the profitability of our clients businesses.

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In today’s landscape, it’s essential to empower your institution with information and insight — to make data-driven decisions, reduce risk, and help you find and engage customers. Solve’s expertise in the finance/banking industry enables us to better understand your challenges and provide state of the art solutions that deliver insight into all aspects of the business. And with the industry shifting away from traditional business models, it’s more important than ever to leverage your valuable data, maximize its potential, and take advantage of marketplace trends.

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In an industry with lean margins that fluctuate with the impact of outside influences, having real time insight into your business is imperative. Solve helps Distribution/Logistics organizations easily access and manage present and future impact of driver hours, fuel costs, load capabilities and route optimization.