QlikView-Jive Analytics

For a powerful social engine, there ought to be equally powerful analytics tools. This custom-developed QlikView interface grew out of the need to explore the wealth of valuable information within Jive communities.

QlikView is beautifully designed and addictively interactive. Users are able to find data, manipulate groupings, and execute inquiries at the click of a cursor—for individual or collaborative projects—giving your team speed-of-thought analysis and incredibly fast-to-value business intelligence.

Jive social business software facilitates community interactions, enhancing and streamlining the conversations that matter to our customers. We leverage the QlikView framework to deliver data analysis on top of Jive software. This solution allows for the exploration of all logged activity within the system, at any level of detail.

With the QlikView interface, community managers can sift through Jive’s data warehouse for relevant metrics, discovering the most active groups or blog posts, document download statuses, unresolved questions, regional activity and more. It’s all at your fingertips.

Users are able to monitor community health and usage patterns with flexibility and ease on the QlikView-Jive dashboard, You don’t have to be a trained analyst to comfortably explore all Jive data—as well as related data from other departments—and reach a deeper understanding of your community.

Email Greg Woodard at Greg.Woodard@Solve100.com or call our Chicago office at 847-277-7478 to speak with Greg about QlikView-Jive details and pricing.