Do you wonder where your data comes from? Built for QlikView and Qlik Sense solutions, Nodegraph makes it easy to know the source of your data, see how it is interrelated, and trace its lineage from database to application.

NodeGraph is a data quality platform for QlikView and Qlik Sense that allows you to explore, visualize and trace where your data comes from, know whether it’s up-to-date, and see how it’s calculated (and more). When we embed Nodegraph in your Qlik solution, you can understand your data’s lineage, implement critical governance and have complete confidence in your analysis.


And Nodegraph is built to scale with your Qlik solution – and its exceptional level of automation is the key.  Automated testing and documentation not only reduce the manual work required to establish and maintain high data quality, they also reduce – or eliminate – the need to add extra resources as you grow.


Visit the Nodegraph website and view this video to learn more.


Automated Documentation

No more manual documentation. With the click of a button, you can generate Qlik system documentation, consolidating all the information you need – node comments, metadata, tables, fields, related files and database statements – into a single document.


Automated Testing

Automated testing allows you to feel confident in your data. Want to make sure that the field is updated? Or want to check that a certain field contains the right value? Nodegraph makes it possible to identify and fix any data problems in your Qlik solution.


Data Lineage Visualization

You can visualize and trace your metadata – and get full data lineage with Nodegraph. Dependency Explorer shows you where your data comes from, how it is inter-related, how it travels through your solution, and traces it from data source to end-user application. Field Explorer tells you what transformations have been applied to the field from input to final application.



GDPR Documentation

Keep track of personal data in your Qlik solution – and generate reports that contain required into on the location of data, who currently has access to the data, who has accessed the data in the past, and the purpose of the data.





Heat Map

Identify outliers and visualize the structure of your Qlik solution, including children, file size, fields, records, users, last modification.