The Microsoft suite of tools helps us deliver powerful business solutions to our customers. We use the Microsoft’s SQL Server platform and Microsoft’s .NET Framework to develop and support rich, data-driven applications. The servers are high-performing, well-structured, and extremely secure. The .NET Framework provides integrated technologies with which we build custom solutions that automate your business processes.

Microsoft’s business development platform is versatile and robust. The platform enables us to build web, desktop and mobile applications that provide our customers with the power to quickly put their data into action.

The SQL Server stack provides a powerful engine for managing data. It’s a flexible, industry-leading database environment, accompanied by a great set of tools. SQL Servers are tuned for business insights while securely supporting your big data.

Our team’s knowledge allows us to put our skills to use customizing and integrating many Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft SharePoint- and .Net-based content management systems like SiteFinity and Umbraco. In these situations, we help extend environments to enable group collaboration, provide custom functionality or integrate business system data.

Our partnership with Microsoft began in 1998, and we have diligently grown a team of certified Microsoft developers. When it comes to business intelligence and application development, we believe they offer many of the best tools in the marketplace.

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